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  • Does Interfacet provide New York State-compliant training on sexual harassment?
    Yes we do. We will provide you the training your organization needs, to the specs provided by NYS. We will ensure that you have revised and distributed the necessary documents, including the mandated sexual harassment policy with required complaint form.
  • Do you provide online training to companies from Europe doing business in New York?
    Yes, we do. And we make sure that our online trainings comport with the new privacy laws in Europe, the GDRP.
  • Does Interfacet provide diversity training?
    Yes we do. We've been providing diversity training since before it was even called that. Our team is deeply engaged with the questions of how people from many different backgrounds and experiences can communicate in ways to navigate differences to connect, not divide. Deb Pagnotta, our founder, developed the first cultyural diversity training phone app in 2009; that little app has now been developed into diversityDNA(tm) DDNA is now a unique web-based software we provide to help users understand their own communication preferences and perceptions, compare to others, and develop cognitive complexity and communication tools.
  • What are the new requirements in NY state for sexual harassment training?
    We have a super list of NY state resources on our SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING page.
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