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1. We are not newcomers. We have been training on sexual harassment since 1988. We have very deep and very wide experience in training and learning.

2. We have a sense of humor. You need it in this business.

3. We are adaptable to your needs.  We understand budgets, and that training can be given short shrift. We are here to help you make it work. 

4. We are not "just" trainers. Deb Pagnotta is an AV-rated  employment lawyer who has represented both employers and employees on sexual harassment matters since 1995. She is also a three-time award-winning communications professor. She is also the founder of diversityDNA(r), a web-based app to help people understand and better navigate intercultural differences.

5. Our courses are designed in collaboration with an amazing instructional designer, Amanda Kizer, PhD, who understands how to make online modules interesting. 

6. We are pragmatic. We know how to help your team get the training done most efficiently - whether you have 5 employees or 10,000.

7. We are not here to "make a quick buck." We like to build on-going relationships with our clients, so that we understand your needs, your culture, and what works best for your organization. 

8. We are anything but cookie-cutter. Pagnotta has provided sexual harassment training to organizations with deeply different corporate cultures, from first responders to colleges to the fashion industry to government agencies including departments of law. From German  pharmaceutical companies in Hong Kong to crisis communication firms in London and Beijing. We are asked back because our trainings actually work. They stick. 

9. Our trainings work because they are interesting, meaningful, challenge the audience but don't attack participants, and we work very hard to engage everyone, particularly the attendees who would rather be nearly anywhere else. Our job is to help them understand and relate the information to their own conduct and perceptions. Our goal is to help everybody work more effectively together.

10. And last, but not least, YOU make us better. We learn every day from our clients, and it is listening to you that allows us to develop and provide the best trainings. 

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