deb pagnotta | founder
Deb's passion is storytelling, intercultural communication, and evolving comm technology. She cofounded diversityDNA™ - our web app which helps individuals and groups communicate to connect. A top-rated employment lawyer, she founded Interfacet, teaches comm, coaches and provides workshops, seminars and trainings on anything that helps people communicate most effectively and ethically. She has also served as VP, HR, for 1000+ employee, NYC-based company.
amanda kizer | designer
Amanda Kizer is our instructional designer who can take a confusing regulation, make it interesting, and craft a learning course which really works.
linda sala | director of operations
Linda brings many years of top management, organizational, HR, and training experience. She oversees our learning management system as well as trains for our clients.
IT guy | all things IT
Our IT guy knows everything IT. He is an uncommonly excellent communicator, both in techspeak and plain English.
mara covell | coach
Mara has been coaching job seekers and recruits, as well as executives and others, both anxious executives, for enough years to make her very wise.
ken reischmann | media
Ken is our media king and resident millennial.
diane FP | healthcare communications
Diane Ferrero-Paluzzi, Ph.D., is our healthcare communication expert.She provides seminars, workshops, trainings, and communication coaching for healthcare organizations and providers, as well as patients needing to find their voice.

A surprising thing about Diane? She loves rock and roll.
HR experts
We have a deep backbench of HR and employment law experts -- with many years of training experience --who work with our clients to train on a wide range of topics all related to workplace conduct and conflict management.
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ken reischmann | media

Ken is our media king and resident millennial.