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Become a storyteller. Weave your personal experiences into conversations, presentations, pitches, speeches, interviews, teaching. It's a powerful skill - connect with others in compelling, engaging and memorable fashion. In one month (4 afternoons), learn how to choose, craft and tell your stories. Whether you're shy or an exuberant talker, you'll finish the month with new friends, new experiences, and new confidence.

I'm a workshop

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  • In one month, 4 afternoon sessions, learn to choose, craft, and tell your personal, true, transformational stories. Nothing connects people faster than telling and listening to these stories. You'll learn to weave your stories into your presentations, speeches, commemorative events, pitches, proposals, social and business events, and yes into those long evenings with firends family and others.


    Over the course of 4 afternoons, our facilitator will:

    • provide you the basic powers and framework of storytelling
    • review and explore how we choose stories and which work best when
    • walk you through the crafting of your story choice
    • demonstrate the linguistic pragmatics of making any story more interesting
    • show you how body language enhaqnces your story
    • provide consistent, individual feedback and coaching
    • give you the opportunity to tell your story to the small group - for a peak experience
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