My autocorrect is trying to get me fired.

One of the funniest sites I first found when playing with my first iPhone was DYAC (damn you, autocorrect). The potential for people sending highly embarrassing and unintentionally funny texts was amplified by the magical autocorrect function, changing your bad grammar into better, correcting your misspelt words, etc. I've always been a good speller and (some might say) grammarian, and I felt reasonably safe from making one of these potentially egregious mistakes that could offend the recipient. However, I have found over the years that Autocorrect has become more and more imperious, randomly correcting my texts into what IT obviously thinks they should be, even when I am QUITE sure that I tapped in the proper letters. It happened again yesterday, when I excitedly texted a colleague that I had been called by Channel 12 News to be interviewed about sexual harassment. Not what you think it might be.....