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> Lead Trainer: Deb Volberg Pagnotta

Interfacet provides equality and diversity training programs and products to help organizations avoid costly litigation associated with sexual harassment, race and age discrimination and other contemporary issues. In our diverse and litigious world, more and more employers recognize the need to address cultural, religious, racial, gender, and other differences at the workplace. Failure to understand and resolve potential problems may result in expensive, resource-intensive and morale-debilitating litigation. Interfacet provides budget-friendly, effective measures to protect you and your employees.

Why we think we are different and better: Deb Volberg Pagnotta, lead trainer and founder of Interfacet, says "My grandfather, Sandr Prussin, was a skilled tailor. Like him, I make sure our services fit each client properly. We don't offer cookie-cutter solutions. Every employer is different, as is every employee. A generic training on harassment will not be nearly as effective as one designed to address the specific culture, concerns and environment of any given workplace. The workforce at a fire department has very different questions about harassment and discrimination than faculty at a college. Banks present different cultural workplaces issues than hospitals. We provide a toolbox of trainings and services that allow each employer and each employee to ascertain what best serves their immediate and long-term needs. My daughter's name in Chinese means ‘the right path,' and I bring this philosophy to Interfacet. We recognize that each client needs precisely tailored trainings for the unique contours of its organization and workforce."

Also, we provide services and products in a range of media. On-site training may be critically important for a company that is recovering from a round of litigation, or seeking to send the strongest message to its workforce about particular issues, or rolling out a new set of policies and procedures. Our Religion at the Workplace and our Workplace Violence Prevention programs are good examples of this. Companies with high hiring rates, or frequent turnover, need to ensure swift, convenient training on discrimination and sexual (and other) harassment issues for new employees: our tailored, online self-paced "anytime" digitalized trainings meet this need. Employees are trained within days of hire, demonstrating the employer's strong commitment to providing a workplace free of inappropriate conduct. Employers who need to train managers and supervisors on hot-button breaking issues -- or who have multiple offices and need to save on travel time and expenses -- can use our tailored online "live" webinars. 

If and when conflict arises, we also provide skilled fact-finders to swiftly ascertain what actually happened. Should conflict continue, we provide mediators to resolve the issues well before the very unpleasant and costly march to the courthouse. We also provide written guides to developing issues, such as the Multi-faith Guide to Religion at the Workplace.