Anytime Training

High quality, low cost.

Live webinars: Are your employees located at two or more locations? Do some telecommute? Is it difficult to bring everybody to one location? Instead of requiring your employees to travel (wasting time and money), we host and conduct live webinars with audio, visuals and interactive capability. These features allow an unlimited number of your employees to sign on from anywhere the internet is available, including smart phones and other mobile devices. We can record the session for those who were unable to attend and make it available for viewing anytime.

E-Trainings: We provide pre-recorded, interactive E-Trainings on a variety of topics, tailored specifically to your organization and its unique culture. A childcare center will face very different types of harassment issues than a hair salon, a museum, or financial institution. These tailored trainings are available online anytime, 24 hours a day. We can “publish” the training(s) to your company’s own website or intranet, or we can host them on our own online portal for additional reporting capabilities. Once an employee completes the training, a confirmation email is generated to the employer, providing tracking information to ensure full attendance and compliance.

Use E-Training in a variety of ways. Ensure that all your new employees receive prompt training on discrimination and harassment within a day or week of hire; don’t wait months or even years. Disseminate new procedures easily organization-wide, in our convenient, easy to access format. Use E-Trainings for annual updates or refreshers. Ensure that every employee is provided copies of important documents and policies (easily included in the E-Trainings themselves).

E-Trainings can reduce your training costs by up to 90%. Our prices are simple, with no hidden costs. $1800 per training plus $8 per employee. That’s it. Click here to see our pricing chart.

Click here to see a sample training, to understand how our E-Trainings operate and look. Then contact us or call us at 914.997.8888 to obtain memorable, vivid and effective learning experiences for your workforce, wherever it may be.